Reading Diary for iOS

Ad-free Reading Diary allows you to track and categorize your book library.

Reading Diary is book management app that enables you to track your books, categorize them, search and filter them and share word about them with your friends.

Free version allows you to:

  • Add book by scanning its barcode*
  • Search for book by its ISBN, author or name*
  • Manually fill book details*
  • Fill following details: author, title, ISBN, category, book format (hardcover, paperback, e-book, audiobook, other), if you started to read a book, date of adding or starting reading, whether you finished or abandoned book and when, categorization color, rating and note
  • See book cover preview*
  • Share book info with your friends (author, name, link to book details when book was not added manually)
  • Filter books in navigation drawer by reading status (not read yet, continue reading, finished, abandoned), author, category and format
  • Search book by author, title or note
  • Sort book by author, title, category, date, rating or reading status
  • Create an account and have your library synchronized across all your devices**
  • Backup to and restore from json file
  • Have app displayed in day or night theme based on your device settings

Via one-time in-app purchase app enables also to:

  • Fill additional details: Ownership (owned, borrowed, wished), bookshelf, own tags, number of pages or length in hours and minute.
  • Filter books in navigation drawer by ownership, bookshelf and tags
  • Display reading statistics
  • Share statistics and Wishlist with your friends

* Google Books and Goodreads services are used. When book is not found, it is because it is not categorized by these services. Book cover might not be available.
** You can register with your email and password or use Google or Apple sign in


If you have any questions, please write an email to