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Reading Diary 4 Released

New and completely from scratch in Flutter rewritten version of Reader’s Diary was released on Android. And iOS version is to come soon. App now offers much more. There is new UI with light and dark theme and new filtering possibilities. New is also search for book by it’s author or name. There are new parameters to fill: book format, reading status, end of reading date, ownership, bookshelf, tags. There is new Overview with statistics. Apple sign-in. Some of these functions are available as in-app purchase. Check it out.

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Colors – Game

Practise your perception. Click on correct color! It will be simple just in the beginning. You will have less time and the game will eventually try to confuse you!

Simple game I made in Flutter. Are you interested in release for some other platform?

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Suntime 2

Suntime app just got a huge update. Now it is possible to add an unlimited number of locations. Also, you can see Astronomical, Nautical and Civil Sunrise and Sunset. There are 2 new widgets – small widget and widget with info about one event. And also there is dark mode.

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Reader’s Diary 3.0

Backup and synchronization are coming! Sign up and have your books synchronized between all your devices. For books found online by their ISBN code cover image and info link is shown. UI is smoother and some bugs have been fixed.

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Do you wonder when to wake up to see sunrise or whether you can go for walk in daylight on cold winter day? Search no more!
Suntime is as simple as it can get. Just select your location and see when sun comes and goes in next 14 days. Add widget to home screen and see time anytime you unlock phone.

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Reader’s Diary 2.7

New version brings you ability to give book a color and set book abandoned if it is really boring and you don’t want to read it anymore. There are many fixes and barcode scanner performance is higher.

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Reader’s Diary 2.6

With new version of Reader’s Diary there is no need to fill all details. You can scan barcode to search for and automatically insert book name and author.

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Reader’s Diary 2.5

I have just published new version of app. There are UI improvements and some bug fixes.