Reader’s Diary 2.7

New version brings you ability to give book a color and set book abandoned if it is really boring and you don’t want to read it anymore. There are many fixes and barcode scanner performance is higher.

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Reader’s Diary 2.6

With new version of Reader’s Diary there is no need to fill all details. You can scan barcode to search for and automatically insert book name and author.

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Reader’s Diary is coming to Windows!

Reader’s Diary app for Windows 10 devices has been published on store. It works on phones, tablets and PC and might work on other types of devices in the future. App offers functionality of it’s Android counter part and more. You can scan barcode to search for and automatically insert book name and author.

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Reader’s Diary 2.5

I have just published new version of app. There are UI improvements and some bug fixes.

Reader’s Diary 2.1

New version of Reader’s Diary brings completely new UI and tablet support as well as possibility to backup to JSON file and various fixes. I hope this will completely change user experience. Please let me know if you like it.

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OpenTTD Timetable Tools 1.1

Year after release, OpenTTD Timetable Tools has been updated. Most of the app has been rewritted and new version brings new user interface, huge number of error fixes and possiblity to copy and share your timetable.

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Kitchen Drag Timer version 2

App Kitchen Drag Timer has been updated. There are following changes: There is Adjusted graphics. Notification now play all audio file, if you don’t turn it off. You can select any mp3 file. And you can save timer.

Try app and let me know how you like it.

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Reader’s Diary

Reader’s Diary helps you keep track of book you have read or want read. Enter title, author, choose your own categories, enter notes as long as you like, rate it. Search or filter records by title, author, category, read or unread status. Select order that you like. Share. Backup to memory card.

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OpenTTD Timetable Tools for PC

openttd tt pc

With OpenTTD Timetable Tools app you can easily calculate timetable for any number of vehicles. You need to enter timetable start date,  vehicle timetable length and select if you want to enter frequency or number of vehicles. Program will count if timetable length needs to be increased, how many vehicles will be needed and their departure date. You can select Date format in Settings.

This is new Pc version of app. It is doing exactly same things like Android version. There are only minor differences, most obviously different look. App is runnable JAR file and requires JRE 1.6 (or higher) installed. Application was tested on Windows 7 and Linux Mint.

You can download app here.

Kitchen Drag Timer

App Kitchen Drag Timer enables you to setup timer simply by dragging your finger. You can select separately hours, tens of minutes, minutes and second. This way setting up timer is fast and accurate.

There are four available sounds in this app. Classical bell ring, aggressive chainsaw and relaxing rain and wind. Select one that fits your mood!

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